This is the main bulletin board for the garden, and can be used for general requests outside of your plot.  Please use this board to request help only if you cannot find help in your section first.  It can also be used to speak to other gardeners, and to gather information.  If something should be in recipes or articles, please contact to either be added as an author or for the editor to post your content.

Please make sure you give either your name or plot number when you comment so we know who you are!


Bulletin board – Yellow Group

Bulletin board – Red Group

Bulletin board – Green Group

Bulletin board – Purple Group

Bulletin board – Blue Group


If you are having trouble remembering which group is yours, the plot map is below.



7 thoughts on “Bulletin board

  1. Hi All,
    I posted on my Red Group but had no response. So, I’m posting here…
    I will be out of town this Friday, the 28th – Monday, 31st. Could you please water for me (Plot 17) and the donation plot (Plot 8). My plot has the gnomes and is just west of the new tree by the shed. The donation plot is just west of the picnic table.


    1. Chris, I would be glad to help water. will be out of town Monday, but can help cover other days. I will talk to Heidi too.


  2. Thanks for making this happen Sam. I think it will help us to communicate with one another. I would appreciate it if somehow we could have each other’s emails and tel#s if that would be okay with others. Is there a way to make website secure with this info or should we each just get a list of contact info of others by email. How does it work for just garden members to access this website in the future ? (have secure log-in?).
    What is the best way for a person to put in a question or share information?


    1. There isn’t a good way for us to have people listed directly just based on wordpress’ free site. There may be an option to have logins and secure the information if we were to purchase a yearly subscription and domain from wordpress, but I think until we get to a point where we want to discuss that, we are probably better off keeping phone numbers and emails a little more private? This is just my personal take on it, please correct me if that isn’t the general feeling here as well.

      As far as access in the future, if you don’t want to be listed as an author, the site will remember you as long as you keep the same email, I believe. If you so want to list as an author, I just need to add your email to the list of authorized users. I think basic questions are best in the comments, but if you have a recipe or article you’d like to share, author is the way to go.


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